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Biotin Ultimate

Biotin Ultimate

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  • PREMIUM STRENGTH 5000MCG SOFTGELS WITH D-BIOTIN. Biotin Ultimate contains 5000 mcg of D-Biotin, the only NATURALLY-occurring and bioactive form of biotin. Our highly potent biotin supplement offers FULL vitamin capabilities and works in HARMONY with the body to support healthy hair, skin & nails. Read about all the additional benefits you'll get below.
  • BOOST HAIR GROWTH AND STRENGTHEN NAILS. Biotin is known as 'VITAMIN H' for a reason. Our premium quality supplement can be used as an effective HAIR GROWTH SUPPLEMENT for men and women. In addition, it can reduce nail brittleness and increase nail growth. Biotin is also vital for healthy, vibrant, and younger-looking skin. Look beautiful with your daily dose of Vitamin H!
  • REDUCE FATIGUE & INCREASE ENERGY. Biotin is an essential vitamin for maintaining steady energy levels. This bioavailable vitamin assists the conversion of protein, fats and carbohydrates to glucose (sugar) and amino acids. These molecules are used by the body to naturally maintain optimal energy levels.
  • 100% RISK-FREE, 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. If you're not satisfied with your improved hair, skin, and nails, we'll gladly give your full money back. Get your risk-free bottle of Biotin Ultimate today before we run out of stock!

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