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Top 5 Tips to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Posted by Milan Rao on

It's time for Christmas and New Years.  And you know what that means..

Holiday treats, drinks, pies, feasts, cookies...and did we mention tons and tons of holiday treats?

The holidays are a time to enjoy with family and truly relax and be content. However, sometimes if we go overboard with the treats, we may put on a few unwanted pounds.

Not to worry though! Below are our top 10 strategies for minimizing weight gain and maximizing your holiday enjoyment!

1. Chew Your Food Slowly

It's been proven that the body requires some time to realize that it is full. If you eat too quickly, your body won't know if it's full or not. in fact, you may still feel hungry and eat more calories. 

Actionable Step: Pace yourself. Talk more with those at the table. Not only will you enjoy dinner more, but you'll also save extra calories. 


2. Pick Smaller Plates over Larger Plates

Here's an interesting one. When we use smaller plates and fill up the entire plate, our brain sees a full plate of food. If our plates are too big and there's lot of extra space on them, then it "appears" more empty and less satisfying to our brain.

Actionable Step:  Make it a point to use smaller plates and bowls. Your plates will appear more full and you'll feel much more satisfied as a result.


3. Avoid Alcohol, Choose Water Instead

We all know this is true. When we drink, we tend to feel a lot less controlled about what we do or what we eat. Drinking and eating together can be risky because you won't feel guilty about overeating. Alcohol also affects how our food is metabolized, and may even contribute to weight gain. 

Actionable Step:  We prefer drinking water. Water helps boost our metabolism, helps us feel full, and aids in digestion of everything we eat. 


4. Do Some Exercise!

This one is pretty obvious but a lot of us tend to get lazy around the holidays. Exercise is probably one of the best things you can do before heading out to a big feast. Not only will you burn off calories, but you can also build muscle if you did some resistance training. 

Actionable Item: Try to get some exercise in before the holiday dinners. Even if its just a light walk for 30 minutes, something is always better than nothing!


5. Give Yourself a Break

We know its the holidays and it's time to enjoy. So be easy on yourself. You definitely don't need to suffer through the holidays and deprive yourself of the things you enjoy. If you like those butter cookies, then eat them! Always remember moderation and control. 

Actionable Item: Enjoy eating some of the foods you enjoy, but exercise self-control. Use this time to start making plans and goals for the upcoming year. 


2017 is a brand new year full of new accomplishments, goals, and opportunities. Right now is the time to make a commitment to yourself to achieve the goals you set forth. 


Good luck!

The Reborn Labs Team


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